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What is LirQs

"LirQs - in short is a music orchestration platform for lyricists, budding artists & all music lovers"

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Do you feel a lot of stuff to shoot out, but often find difficult to put them on paper? Then LirQs is for you. LirQs make's it simple by bring out the lyricist in you and feel the songs with meaning.


Write Lyrics, follow influencers, listen to Music & show case your profile.
Collaborate with other music lovers and share the lyrics along with songs.
Make use of offline music player with advanced settings and equalizer.
Try out our transliterate feature, to read lyrics in your preffered language.

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LirQs is mainly focused on enabling users to pen down thoughts as Lyrics and Quotes.


Review large range of lyrics & content from credibility artists & other content writers with a huge group of followers.

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Your music catalogue is made simple for better offline music experience.


Your profile can tell a lot about you. Write about yourself & let the world hear you.


How to save as Draft in this app?

Your thoughts can be easily saved to drafts when you click on save to drafts button. Your work is auto drafted when you quit from lyric edit screen

How to write Lyrics in each language separately and post it individually in feeds?

Change your keyboard to your preffered language.

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